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Momoca’s Profile


T:155cm/5'1" B:84(C) W:55 H:85




  • Height155cm / 5'1"
  • B/W/HB:84cm(C) W:55cm H:85cm
  • OccupationActive student

Message from Escort

I'm very nervous for the first time ...
But I will do my best to satisfy our customers, so thank you!
  • ID:954


12/2(Fri) 12/3(Sat)

Agency's Message

☆ ★ ☆ Completely inexperienced in the industry ☆ ★ ☆

☆ ★ ☆ Natural Ubukko with 1 experienced person ☆ ★ ☆

☆ ★ ☆ Active female college student with white skin ☆ ★ ☆

[Momoka Toda] has decided to enter the store!

An active female college student who is completely inexperienced in the industry!
White and fine skin on the innocent face of a teenager!
There is no doubt that you will be very satisfied just by looking at it! !!

And only one person has private experience
Natural Ubukko! !!
Such an innocent and cute [Momoka Toda] -chan
Below is also a child's pie bread! !! !! !! !!

A cute C cup with cute breasts!
Limbs that are likely to break thinly
And pie bread
I'm sure you can enjoy the sense of immorality! !! !!

I'm still studying beauty treatment salons
Your heart will be healed by the hard work! !!

There is no doubt that your mind, body and lower body will be healed.
We look forward to your reservation

* Because it is completely inexperienced in the industry, it will be limited to gentlemen and gentle customers.
* Since the number of experienced people is one, please use only one finger.

The course she's okay with

Erotic massage

Additional Services

Lotion Bath
Prostate Massage
Instant Blowjob
Take Photos
Anal Sex
Video Shooting
Pocket Pussy(Only in Erotic massage)


Erotic fun girl with great style ♪

Arrived on time. Open the door and meet her!
Expectations are heightened by her smiling face, which conveys her cuteness even with her mask on. Momoka herself is modest, calling it a mask scam, but it is not true at all.
Even before the shower, the flirting never stops, and it is very exciting. They take off each other's clothes and go to the bath.
She told me that she is still learning about massage, but she did her best and by the end of the massage, the area was getting warmer. It worked!
She is also quite aggressive in her health play, and I'm excited to see her again!
After ascending once, she asked me to go for a second round since she was still in good spirits, but my time was up here... Needless to say, I will book a long session next time.
It was a very exciting and satisfying time.


Cute appearance. She has a slender and comfortable body. Not only that, but she has a lot to offer in terms of conversation and technique, and I find her intellectually stimulating to meet with. Every time I see her, I am attracted to her as a woman and as a person.

This is the fourth time we have met. Every time I see her, she looks so happy that I want to see her again.
The esthetic treatment with her solid technique makes me feel so relaxed that I almost fall out of bed. This time I also had a head massage starting from the décolleté, and the next day my neck was surprisingly lighter.
After that, when it came to the health play, she turned around with a mischievous smile on her face and happily attacked my weak points. She responded sensitively to my aggression and even asked me to beg her to do something. The time spent in close contact with her is just like a fun time with a lover.


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