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ID 994

Hikari (25)

T:158 B85(C) W56 H83

by Mr.TatsuyaTanaka

She is even prettier than her picture, and has great style, touch, and sensitivity. She is also very sexy.

Even though you are meeting her for the first time, you will be able to have a lively conversation with her, and your sense of intimacy will be enhanced. The powerful massage from her slender body will blow away your daily fatigue.

The feather touch in the shower room and on the bed is truly at the level of a god. You will feel the sensation of the refined and gathered spirit from all over your body.

I recommend a time of 90 minutes or more. It is twice as satisfying!

ID 1038

Sii (19)

T:161 B87(F) W57 H86

by Mr.Mr.C

I was satisfied with this young woman with a nice smile.
Her massage and playtime are still to come, but her personality and dedication to customer service make her a woman I would like to spend time with forever. This time I didn't have much time to spend with her, but I would like to spend more time with her next time.

I arrived a little late, but the staff was wonderful and made me feel at ease.

I will use them again.

ID 1116

Madoka (22)

T:161 B83(B) W56 H84

by Mr.Tomokunn

When I opened the door, a beautiful, slender girl was right in front of me ‼️a true 8th class model-class style. She has a cheerful personality and is easy to talk to. When she gazes straight at me, her bright eyes are shining and I already feel happy thinking that I can play sexually with her after this.

Her hands are so soft that I find myself screaming out how good it feels when she's washing me in the shower. I was hit by the softness of her tongue when she suddenly sucked my cock. I was healed by her pleasant hand esthetics, licked her nipples with her soft tongue, and then finished off with a nice bareback fuck!

I feel great and happy this evening!

ID 1132

Erika (21)

T:156 B85(D) W56 H83

by Mr.MaTo

The staff was polite on the phone, I just wish there had been a little more chat communication about pre-confirmation, etc.

The girl was new, but I have no complaints about the service. She seemed a little nervous at first, but we soon got to know each other and had a great conversation. She was very aggressive and did a lot of things with me, which kept me excited and made me feel good right away. She is cheerful, so I recommend her to anyone who wants to have fun while talking and flirting.
I will probably repeat my experience.

ID 1052

Yura (23)

T:146 B83(C) W57 H82

by Mr.Kasuyann

She was really nice. She was also a customer service person, so I was glad she spoke to me politely. She told me that she was nervous at first, but as the play progressed, she got excited and I felt that she is a girl who loves sex and I was very satisfied with her. It was great, I was so excited all the time.

She was shy, but once she got her engine running, I was super, super impressed. She was constantly touching my thing, massaging me, and sucking my cock very carefully, it was really great. When he cunniled me, my voice was leaking out and he was so freaked out. I came at the end with her bare again, but she played with me over and over again and kept me so excited!
He stayed with me until the end of the session. It was really refreshing. I am very, very satisfied.

It was really really great. I was really, really satisfied with the playing time, the girls, and the staff. I have no complaints. If it is possible, I would like to use your service again. Thank you very much.

ID 1140

Himeka (19)

T:153 B84(C) W56 H85

by Mr.romitomokunn

When she opened the door, she was a super cute beautiful girl with bright and big eyes.

I immediately became a fan of Himeka because she was polite, well-spoken, and very pretty on top of that.

After she carefully washed my body, her massage was so skillful and soothing that I thought she had super hands. Her skin was so soft and chewy that I felt very comfortable. I felt like I wanted them to stay attached to me all the time.

After being healed for a while, when I was on my back, I looked at Himeka's face and felt happy that I was being done by such a pretty girl.

The play after that was also pleasant, and she took the play from me very well, and I was able to finish with great satisfaction.

I want to see her again soon!

ID 1140

Himeka (19)

T:153 B84(C) W56 H85

by Mr.mintapass

I had read the word of mouth and had a good imagination that she must be a cute girl. When I opened the door, I was almost knocked out by her cute eyes and gentle atmosphere, and I invited her into my room.

When she took off her coat and mask, her cuteness and style were enough to make me fall in love with her. When I regained my composure and talked with her, she was very energetic and her cheerful and fun talk soothed my heart.

We undressed each other and went to the bath. Here, too, we were washed gently and carefully, feeling cared for, and our hearts were already climbing the stairs to heaven. I thought that I should not ascend to heaven as it was, so I came back to myself and enjoyed washing each other and was in a pleasant and relaxed mood.

And the oil massage was like a god hand, the gentle healing fingertips went to every corner of my body, and while I felt her nice model-like style, I involuntarily came soon. We parted regretfully, hoping to see each other again. I wonder if I will see you again...

ID 1132

Erika (21)

T:156 B85(D) W56 H83

by Mr.mintapass

The girl in the picture was cute, but I wondered what kind of girl would show up, and I didn't want to miss it. 

And when I opened the door, a petite girl with cute eyes and a cute mask was standing there and greeted me in a cute and energetic way. Well, when I took off the mask, she was still cute~‼️and when I talked to her, her heart already ascended to heaven with the atmosphere of cuteness and gentleness.

We ate some apricot bean curd together, and then she took off her clothes and took a bath ? She folded my clothes with chicken and I felt her care and kindness, and my expectations skyrocketed↑.
In the bath, she gently washed me, and when I looked at her breasts, they were just the right size and shape, and I couldn't stop pounding my hips!

Next, the massage. Next, she gave me a massage, which was also very gentle and relaxing, and at the end, I ejaculated with pleasure at the height of my sexuality.

After that, we chatted leisurely and the dream time came to an end.

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