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Akari’s Profile


T:157cm/5'2" B:83(C) W:56 H:84




  • Height157cm / 5'2"
  • B/W/HB:83cm(C) W:56cm H:84cm
  • OccupationCustomer service staff
  • English
  • Smoke
  • Tatoos
  • Pubic Hair

Message from Escort

Nice to meet you, my name is Akari Hanari.

Stay close to your mind and body and hope you will find it a little easier.

I am a beginner, but I will do my best with all my heart!

Have a nice time together.

Customer service staff

  • English
  • Smoke
  • Tatoos
  • Pubic Hair
  • ID:642


10/19(Tue) 10/20(Wed)

Agency's Message

It is a beauty therapist with the best looks, full of adult sex appeal.

Beautiful white skin that is transparent with black supernatant.

A neatly-faced girlfriend like an actress is just the ideal image of many men.

My personality is calm and curious.

A woman who loves talking, forgets time and has a good time.

The mild and gentle personality will heal the tired heart by the amount of being together.

Excitement does not fit in the polar supernatant's indecent appearance of her.

She also loves naughty things, her massage and her favorite feather touch makes me feel pleasure that I have never experienced before.

As it is a beauty therapist with no doubt that popularity will come out, please order once by all means.

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Akari is the best.
Her face style was as cute as I imagined it would be. I also like the way she talks. I met her for the first time, but she was very affable and easy to talk to. I'd rather go out with her (laughs).
It's been a while since I've been to Esthede, but it was a great decision. It looks like I will be in good hands for a while.
I'm looking forward to seeing her again.
I would be happy if we could play not only at night but also during the day.


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