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Mari’s Profile


T:158cm B:85(D) W:57 H:84




  • Height158cm
  • B/W/HB:85cm(D) W:57cm H:84cm
  • OccupationStudent

Message from Escort Girl

I'm nervous because it's my first job, but I hope we can have a good time together!
  • ID:ge1162













Extension 30min………¥10,000 Admission fee………¥2,000

For outcall, Deliverly Fee is separate. Please check deliverly fee for your location.

  • ■Gotanda Station East ExitFree 
  • ■Gotanda Station West Exit1,000yen 
  • ■Shinagawa, Meguro, Minato2,000yen 
  • ■Shinjuku, Shibuya, Chuo, Chiyoda, Ota3,000yen 
  • ■Other areas4,000yen~
  • *For home+1,000 yen 
  • ・Standard Services:69 position, Cum in mouth, Cum on body, Cunnilingus, Fingering, Foot fetish, French kissing, Handjob, Oral without condom, Tits Fuck, Intercrural sex(Sumata)
  • ・No Sex

Additional Services

Lotion Bath
Prostate Massage
Instant Blowjob
Take Photos
Anal Sex
Video Shooting
Pocket Pussy(Only in Erotic massage)


She is a cute girl with an innocent look. If you are a man who likes big-tits Japanese girls with great style and baby face, you will surely like her. At first, she seemed a little nervous, but after a little chatting, we soon got to know each other and had a nice time. 
She drank alcohol with me and was very friendly, and gave me a great massage, erotic massage, and sexual services. I highly recommend her.


[Impressions about the girl]
A erotic girl with a nice body.
[Play Contents]
From the first shower time, she gave me a close and thick body wash, and when I rubbed her D-cup breasts in return, she clung to me with a naughty moan as soon as she felt me, and D-kissed me like we were entwined.

In bed, she felt just esthetically and her pussy was already slippery. When I put her on all fours and licked her from behind, she wiggled her ass and wet her crotch like a slut.

On the other hand, she also has a very S-feeling, and in the end, she was so satisfied that she was left to be tortured and sunk in no time at all.

I was very satisfied with her.
Her body is just so erotic!


[Impressions about the girl.]
Gentle and shy
[Content of play].
She appeared in a maxi one-piece. She looked a little nervous and the lines of her body seen through her clothes already made me happy.

When I took off her bra with her clothes on, her tits through the knit were not out of shape and kept a beautiful line.
I was convinced that I had won.

She still didn't know what to say, so I was talking one-sidedly (middle-aged self-talk), but by the time she got out of the shower, the tension was gone.

The esthetician likes me strong, and it felt good to ride my whole body, but the fingers themselves were not strong enough.

When I looked at my hands again, they were small hands. She did a good job and I enjoyed it a little by making her hands slippery.

When I touched her body, it was nice and fleshy and soft.
I didn't touch her breasts too much because they were really beautiful all the way to the tips and it was a waste of time.

When I licked her clit, her voice turns serious. Finger insertion seemed to hurt if I did it too hard, so I moved it slowly and she felt it by lifting her hips.

We ended with smothering.
Her hands were not strong enough for tae kuki, but when I talked to her, she was really gentle, so I thought it might be because of her gentleness.
I hope to see her again.


I wanted to play late, and just as I was thinking it would be no good, I saw that Mari-san, who was not on the website when I saw her at noon, was on duty.

I called her right away, and she was able to hold the room for me.
When I entered the room, I heard a knock on the door at the time indicated. The smoothness of the flow so far is still wonderful.

When I opened the door, I was greeted by a clear voice that conveyed brightness. There seemed to be some nervousness, but although it disappeared as we talked, the shyness did not stop when I praised her.
When I attacked her with my fingers, it seemed to hurt if I made it harder, and she felt it loudly even if I just moved it a little!
Her soft and beautiful breasts and neckline are a spectacular sight in the riding position smother.

From the first shower where she washed my hair, I enjoyed her a lot.
At the end, she was lying on the bed, limp and tired, and the sweat on her forehead was glistening, giving her a goddess-like feeling.


Agency's Message

☆★☆Completely inexperienced in the industry☆★☆

☆☆☆Hana's heart-pounding debut as an active female college student☆☆☆

A girl with lovely round eyes [Mari Fukase]

Not to mention this industry, male experience
The tiny girlfriend gathers her courage
You entered our store!

At 158 cm, she is petite and has white skin.
Just being together makes me want to play pranks
Sensitive constitution♪

Give her a reason to be shy
When I asked him, he said, "I recently had a naughty experience.
Little by little, I became interested."

While an innocent girl
The naughty talent hidden inside
You must be twice as strong!

Just by being skin-to-skin with a man
I feel nervous. I'm so nervous that I can hear my heart beating all the way here!

When your face turns red
If you reach out your hand to the bottom
Melty and love juice gushes out from the secret part

If you notice, the customer's body is of course
Wet even the bedsheets
You may lose it!
amateur girl is serious
Enjoy how you feel!

A girl with no industry experience
The attitude of working hard
There is something to behold!

Customer's hand, mouth, crotch, Mari-chan
Please pull up to a full-fledged woman!

I'm a girl with no experience in the industry, so I'm a gentleman.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Card payments

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  • ・If you wish to pay by card, please let our staff know. Our staff will inform you of the total charge. After confirming the amount, please click on the link below.
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