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Nonoka’s Profile


T:160cm B:82(B) W:56 H:82




  • Height160cm
  • B/W/HB:82cm(B) W:56cm H:82cm
  • OccupationI am a student

Message from Escort Girl

Nice to meet you
I will do my best to make it a fun time.
thank you!
  • ID:kt2209



12/10(Sun) 12/11(Mon)








Extension 30min………¥10,000 Admission fee………¥2,000

For outcall, Deliverly Fee is separate. Please check deliverly fee for your location.

  • ■Kinshicho stationFree 
  • ■Sumida1,000yen 
  • ■Koto, Chuo, Taito2,000yen~
  • ■Katsushika, Chiyoda, Edogawa, Ichikawa, Urayasu3,000yen~
  • ■Other areas4,000yen~
  • *For home+1,000 yen 
  • ・Standard Services:69 position, Cum in mouth, Cum on body, Cunnilingus, Fingering, Foot fetish, French kissing, Handjob, Oral without condom, Rimming active, Rimming passive,Tits Fuck, Intercrural sex
  • ・No Sex

Additional Services

Lotion Bath
Prostate Massage
Instant Blowjob
Take Photos
Anal Sex
Video Shooting
Pocket Pussy(Only in Erotic massage)


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Agency's Message

[Face line peculiar to beautiful women]
[My favorite blowjob that I can do forever]

Stay tuned!
Guaranteed repeat
There is no doubt that you will become addicted
I will guide you with confidence

Transparency that can be felt throughout the body
Neat and clean refers to this child
shiny long hair
clear eyes
small mouth
Face line peculiar to a beautiful woman
A sense of clothes that is neither too adult nor too childish
beautiful legs visible through the skirt
There will be many men who will steal your heart the moment you meet them.

this is enough
Yes, I'm satisfied with just this

she's just different

Pleasant voice quality
Familiarity without a sense of distance
Body touch that makes it natural
Is there a man who doesn't get excited...

"I can do it forever because I love you"

I can't imagine it from the serious and pure atmosphere
Favorite play is blowjob
in my mouth
Gradually getting bigger and harder
He is irresistibly happy and excited himself.

The sensitivity of their own body is also considerable
Erogenous zone from ear to neck
Nipples that increase arousal
If you suddenly put your hand down
Firmly there...

I still have something to tell you
So far in letters

It's a rare gem

Satisfaction beyond imagination
We promise to make you feel like you want to see us again.

Credit cards payments

  • ・We accept the following credit cards : VISA, MasterCard
  • ・15% Surcharge for payments made by credit card.
  • ・Please note that you cannot cancel or change your payment method after payment has been completed.
  • ・If you wish to pay by credit card, please let our staff know. Our staff will inform you of the total charge. After confirming the amount, please click on the link below.
  • 【Credit Card Payment】
visa mastercard

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