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Erika’s Profile


T:156cm/5'1" B:85(D) W:56 H:83




  • Height156cm / 5'1"
  • B/W/HB:85cm(D) W:56cm H:83cm
  • OccupationActive female college student

Message from Escort

It's my first time in this industry and I'm nervous...
I will do my best so that I can heal a lot ♪
Please flirt with me! !
  • ID:1132


12/2(Fri) 12/3(Sat)

Agency's Message

[Complete industry inexperienced active female college student]

[Nozaka-based S-class beautiful girl! ]

[Black hair slender D cup]

A highly recommended beautiful girl from Nozaka has finally entered the store.
The beautiful woman to introduce this time is "Erika"! !

It can be said that a 21-year-old female college student is a diamond in the rough.
I am a super amateur girl! !

As an interviewer, I couldn't help but think, "Are you finally here?! This is definitely true!"
It is a beautiful girl recommended by our shop that I thought at the moment I met.

In addition to her appearance, she also has a very good personality, and she is gentle and erotic at the same time.
She is a girl of great quality.
With such quality, she is a real amateur who has no experience in the industry.

How much is the essential eroticness...
She's a pretty perverted amateur, and she seems to be always horny! smile
According to the person himself, it is very easy to feel, and it is easy to get wet as it gets super!
He had been interested in H things for a long time, and at first he was quite worried about this job,
Unable to control feelings of selfishness,
Finally, I had an interview at our store and was able to enter the store!

This will be my first time doing this job, so it will be limited to those who are kind.
I'm sure there will be a flood of reservations, so
We are looking forward to your early reservation.
We are looking forward to your reservation!

The course she's okay with

Erotic massage

Additional Services

Lotion Bath
Prostate Massage
Instant Blowjob
Take Photos
Anal Sex
Video Shooting
Pocket Pussy(Only in Erotic massage)


The staff was polite on the phone, I just wish there had been a little more chat communication about pre-confirmation, etc.

The girl was new, but I have no complaints about the service. She seemed a little nervous at first, but we soon got to know each other and had a great conversation. She was very aggressive and did a lot of things with me, which kept me excited and made me feel good right away. She is cheerful, so I recommend her to anyone who wants to have fun while talking and flirting.
I will probably repeat my experience.


The girl in the picture was cute, but I wondered what kind of girl would show up, and I didn't want to miss it. 

And when I opened the door, a petite girl with cute eyes and a cute mask was standing there and greeted me in a cute and energetic way. Well, when I took off the mask, she was still cute~‼️and when I talked to her, her heart already ascended to heaven with the atmosphere of cuteness and gentleness.

We ate some apricot bean curd together, and then she took off her clothes and took a bath ? She folded my clothes with chicken and I felt her care and kindness, and my expectations skyrocketed↑.
In the bath, she gently washed me, and when I looked at her breasts, they were just the right size and shape, and I couldn't stop pounding my hips!

Next, the massage. Next, she gave me a massage, which was also very gentle and relaxing, and at the end, I ejaculated with pleasure at the height of my sexuality.

After that, we chatted leisurely and the dream time came to an end.


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