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Ayame’s Profile


T:158cm/5'2" B:84(C) W:56 H:83

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  • Height158cm / 5'2"
  • B/W/HB:84cm(C) W:56cm H:83cm
  • OccupationI am a student!
  • English
  • Smoke
  • Tatoos
  • Pubic HairTrimmed

Message from Escort

Nice to meet you everyone, this is "Ayame".
I'm nervous for the first time inexperienced, but I'll do my best!
Thank you!

I am a student!

  • English
  • Smoke
  • Tatoos
  • Pubic HairTrimmed
  • ID:1100


7/3(Sun) 7/4(Mon)

Agency's Message

☆ Completely inexperienced in the industry ☆

☆ Virgin with 0 male experience! ☆

☆ Active female college student ☆

Everyone, finally a virgin with a super cute look! !!
"Ayame-chan" has entered the store! !!

The crisp and crispy maiden is a little moisturized
If you stare at it with your eyes, your heart and dick will run wild! !!
Even though it's so cute, the number of experienced people is "0 shocking", a neat and clean girl full of innocence!
The interviewer repeatedly thought, "There can be no virgin such a cute girl."
However, for questions that seem to be true and naughty
An ultra-pure innocent pure girl who blushes and answers a little embarrassingly ♪
Naturally, naughty work is a completely new super amateur girl

158 cm slender and slender BODY!
The delicate body is exactly the "beautiful girl" itself!
Beautiful boobs have a thin nipple pigment and when you see Hadaka, it's raw spit gollum!

I'm a girl with little experience as a man, so I think there are many things I don't understand.
"Ayame" who seems to be curious about naughty things!
It seems that he wants to flirt like a lover, so he can love love like a real couple when he is together ♪
I'm an amateur girl who doesn't even know my erogenous zone yet
Please look for it gently ♪

With a gentle personality, sometimes show or weakness
I want to hug you tightly and protect you! !!
Let's be healed by a neat, cute and amateur "Ayame" (^^ ♪

The course she's okay with

Erotic massage

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Prostate Massage
Instant Blowjob
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