Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!
Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!
Tokyo Escort Review "Nozomi

Tuesday, 28th May 2024

Tokyo Escort

Tokyo Escort Review "Nozomi (Japanese Escort)” - Japan Escort Guide

Last Updated on 28/05/2024


  • Escort Girl Name: Nozomi (from Japanese Escort Tokyo)
  • Course Length: 80-minute course
  • Total Cost: ¥31,000 (Breakdown: Base fee ¥28,000 + Delivery Fee ¥3,000)
  • Remarks: Non-smoker, No tattoos, No body piercings

Evaluation by Category

Nozomi (from Japanese Escort Tokyo)

Appearance of Nozomi

Nozomi's appearance is exactly as shown in her photos, exuding a pure and innocent charm. She has a level of cuteness that could rival idols, with large eyes, defined tear ducts, and a radiant smile. Her expression with the corners of her mouth turned up is very soothing. She reminded me of the AV actress Monbu Ran.

Nozomi's Figure

Nozomi has a slender body. Her lower body is toned with a firm waist and hips, while her upper body boasts incredibly soft D-cup breasts. Her entire body has silky smooth skin that felt pleasant to touch. Her pubic hair is well-groomed, maintaining a clean appearance and making cunnilingus easy.

Nozomi's Attitude Towards Customers

Nozomi is extremely friendly, making one feel at ease with her warmth. Her exceptional hospitality turns even non-play time into an entertaining experience. The contrast between her innocent demeanor before play and her seductive persona during play is something worth experiencing.

Nozomi's Service

Nozomi’s bed services are intense, with each act being given ample time and attention. She excels in both giving and receiving, making her enjoyable for both novices and experienced customers. She communicates her pleasure clearly, enhancing the overall experience.


Upon knocking on the door, I was greeted by Nozomi, a young girl in a cute dress, smiling warmly. She greeted me with a gentle "Thank you for today," in a kind voice. Removing her mask revealed her clear skin and natural makeup, giving her a pure look. When I mentioned the difficulty in booking her, she humbly responded, "Oh, really? I hope I'm suitable," leaving a good impression.

Nozomi quickly took me to the room, holding my hand in a lover’s grip, creating an instant connection with her warm demeanor. She suggested we take a bath and promptly prepared a towel and mouthwash, offering to help me undress. She neatly folded each piece of clothing she removed.

As I finished undressing, she requested my assistance with her clothing, revealing her beautiful white skin as I helped her undress. She led me to the bath, checking the water temperature before warming my body with the shower. She proposed washing each other, starting with gently washing my shoulders, chest, and important areas. Her soft touch was comforting.

After washing, she asked if kissing was okay, leading to a slow, passionate kiss. Her soft, skillful tongue hinted at her expertise in oral services. She dried me off meticulously, asking if I was cold, showing her attention to detail.

In bed, Nozomi suggested dimming the lights slightly, adding to her shy demeanor. We shared a series of passionate kisses, her body responding sensitively to my touch. Her breasts were incredibly soft, and her body reacted strongly to my caresses.

Nozomi’s intimate area was clean and easy to access, responding well to my attention, with her honest feedback enhancing the experience. She showed endearing reactions as I explored her body, making the session feel like an intimate encounter with a new lover.

After switching roles, Nozomi took the lead, her eyes dreamy as she kissed me deeply. She performed a detailed full-body lip service, including a sensual oral session that combined gentle touches and deep-throat techniques, leading to a highly satisfying finish.

The session concluded with Nozomi helping me dress and seeing me off with a warm goodbye. The entire experience felt like a brief yet enchanting fantasy with a beautiful girl akin to a Japanese idol.

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