Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!
Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!
Fantasy Fulfillment Services "Image Clubs" (イメクラ) in Tokyo

Tuesday, 14th May 2024

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Fantasy Fulfillment Services "Image Clubs(イメクラ)" in Tokyo - Japan Escort Guide

Last Updated on 14/05/2024

Services known as "Fantasy Fulfillment Services" in countries like the United States are referred to as "Imekura" (イメクラ) in Japanese escort services. This is an abbreviation for "Image Club," a popular genre within the Japanese adult entertainment industry. If you're visiting Japan and want to experience something exciting with a Japanese girl through Tokyo escort services, Imekura is highly recommended as it turns your fantasies into reality. We will introduce the usage, pricing, precautions, and recommended service providers of Imekura escort services. Be sure to check it out and enjoy Tokyo's nightlife to the fullest!

What is an Imekura?

Tokyo Imekura Escort Cosplay Sunshine

An Imekura is short for "Image Club," an escort service where you can engage in intimate activities with girls dressed in various costumes.

Specifically, it includes:

  • Role-playing as a teacher instructing a female student.
  • Role-playing as a student being instructed by a seductive female teacher.
  • Engaging in night-crawling play (yobai).
  • Experiencing reverse night-crawling play from a dominant woman.

These scenarios cater to both dominant and submissive preferences, offering a variety of ways to enjoy the experience.

Key Features of Imekura

Tokyo Imekura Escort: Kichijozi Tirol

While there isn't a clear distinction in basic services compared to a "delivery health" (out-call escort) service, Imekura is characterized by its focus on scenarios and settings.

Different Imekura establishments offer various play options, facilities, and concepts, making it enjoyable to find a place that caters to your favorite fantasies.

The Appeal of Imekura

Tokyo Imekura Escort: Shinbashi Touch

The main attraction of Imekura lies in its image-based play. While costume play and certain scenarios are possible in delivery health services, they are generally limited to optional extras. However, Imekura offers detailed settings due to its clear concepts.

For example, you can engage in classic scenarios such as being a teacher providing extracurricular instruction to a girl in a school uniform or acting out a chikan (train groper) scene in a train set. These are activities that are difficult or impossible to experience in reality.

Japanese Escort Girl: Rin

Other unique scenarios offered by some Imekura include:

  • Playing doctor and nurse in a clinic-like setting.
  • Interacting with girls dressed as anime characters.
  • Chikan play in a train-themed room.

Simply browsing the websites of Imekura establishments can be enjoyable. Some establishments faithfully recreate train interiors with seats, windows, and handrails, allowing for an immersive experience.

Additionally, even the same establishment often offers various courses, so you can enjoy different scenarios and costumes each time you visit.

Types of Play at Imekura

Here are some common and niche types of play you can experience at Imekura:

Chikan Play

This is a popular type of play in Imekura. Many men might have fantasized about groping a beautiful woman on a train, though it's a serious crime in reality. At Imekura, you can safely indulge in chikan play.Typically, after taking a shower, you engage in chikan play with a girl waiting in a train set. You can enjoy various activities such as smelling her hair, touching her over her clothes, or immediately slipping your fingers under her underwear.After the chikan play, you can move on to regular services. Many establishments allow you to customize details like whether the girl pretends to resist or holds onto the handrail. Deciding on your preferred play beforehand can enhance your experience.An additional tip is to have the girl wear an eye mask. It avoids awkward eye contact during play and often enhances the girl's excitement.

Night-Crawling/Reverse Night-Crawling

This is another common course at Imekura. Similar to chikan play, after showering alone, you engage in intimate activities with a girl lying in bed.You can observe and caress the girl’s body, activities that aren’t possible in typical escort services. There’s a questionnaire before the play to decide whether the girl responds while sleeping or pretends to resist upon waking.Night-crawling play is recommended for those who enjoy being dominant. Additionally, night-crawling pairs well with vibrators, so using options is also recommended.Reverse night-crawling involves the male client being in bed after showering, and the girl initiates the play. This is ideal for those who enjoy passive roles or are new to the scene.

School-Themed Play

Japanese Escort: Inaho

This is a classic type of play in Imekura. It involves young girls in school uniforms, and the variety includes classrooms, infirmaries, and gym storerooms. You can also customize relationships, such as teacher-student or senior-junior dynamics, catering to different preferences.

Robot Play

A unique type of play where girls act as robots following your commands. This can range from complete silence to aggressive seduction as a "femme fatale robot." It’s a unique experience only possible at a robot-themed Imekura.

Pricing System of Imekura

The pricing system of Imekura is similar to general escort services, with rates determined by time, plus additional charges for specific girl selections and options.

Typically, Imekura services range from 18,000 to 30,000 yen per 60 minutes, often cheaper than soaplands but more expensive than delivery health services. Some establishments offer discounts for first-time customers, so it’s advisable to check information sites or official websites beforehand.

How to Enjoy Imekura for the First Time

Tokyo Escort: Gotanda Cosplay Honpo

Choosing an Establishment

The first and crucial step is selecting the right establishment. Since each Imekura has its unique concept, finding one that matches your preferences greatly affects your satisfaction. Check various information sites to compare the courses offered.

Selecting a Girl

Next, choose a girl. The panel photos at the establishment are helpful, and checking girls' photo diaries provides a closer look at their real appearance. Frequent updates usually indicate good service quality.While it’s possible to play without selecting a specific girl, this might result in a mismatch with your preferences. Some establishments might assign less popular girls to free clients, so it’s generally better to choose.

Making a Reservation

Once you’ve decided on the establishment and the girl, make a reservation early. If you want specific options, mention them during the reservation.

Arriving at the Establishment

Aim to arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment. Confirm your reservation by phone an hour before your appointment to avoid being marked as a no-show.

Precautions When Enjoying Imekura

Tokyo Escort: Hamamatsucho Momoiro Hakusho

No Coercion: Never force a girl to engage in activities outside the service scope, especially intercourse. Imekura services do not include sex, and attempting to coerce a girl can lead to immediate cancellation and potential bans.

No Eavesdropping or Filming: Recording or filming intimate activities is strictly prohibited unless an option for it is provided by the establishment. Violations can result in bans or legal action.

Maintain Cleanliness: Ensure you are clean before meeting the girl. Some Imekura require clients to shower alone, and failing to do so properly can lead to a poor experience or cancellation.

Respect Privacy: Avoid prying into the girl’s personal life. Asking about personal details like real names or addresses can make the girl uncomfortable and lead to bans.

Adhere to Service Limits: Follow the establishment’s rules regarding service limits. Confirm details like whether contact information exchange or specific activities are allowed before play.

Due to variations in rules across establishments, such as restrictions on exchanging contact information with the girls or prohibitions on inserting fingers, it is advisable to check the establishment's website or consult the staff for clarification before engaging in any activities.

Recommended Imekura Escort Service Providers

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