Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!
Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!

Friday, 5th May 2023

Escort Reviews Tokyo Erotic Escort

Tokyo Adult Escort Review [May 2023]

Last Updated on 06/07/2023

Review of "Minori"

Age:20 T156-B84C-W57-H85

  • 60min¥30,000
  • 75min¥35,000
  • 100min¥45,000
  • 120min¥55,000
  • 180min¥85,000

At first, she seemed a little indifferent, but after talking with her, she gradually opened up and became friendly, smiling a lot. She seems to love to talk, laughing at our conversation and telling her own stories, and she is a good communicator. However, she is calm and takes her own pace, so there is no atmosphere of aggressive flirting. Since the session lasted 60 minutes, I ended it at a moderate point and invited her to take a shower.

Minori was suddenly shy. We dimmed the lights and undressed each other, but she said, "I'm embarrassed, so don't look at me. When I caught a glimpse of her, she said "Oh no" and hid it with her hand, which was again cute. After darkening the room, they went to the bathroom.
The body wash was finished with a quick and easy washing of her nipples and her foolish breath using her hands. The picture of her smiling as she washed her foolishness was an indescribable scene, but there was no eroticism in the way she was in close contact with me. I went out first, and both of us wiped our bodies by ourselves.
The hospitality of Minori was not flattering, but the friendliness she gradually showed us gave us a feeling of being full of amateurishness.
On the bed. She started with a slightly shy kiss. She kisses me lightly and repeatedly, which is cute! Although she doesn't actively deepen the kiss, she is obedient enough to accept it if we ask her to do so.
She asked me where I wanted her to lick me. I was a little surprised when she shyly asked me where I wanted her to lick. As requested, she started with nipple licking. She licked one nipple at a time, gently and slowly. To be honest, it was not that stimulating. But the way she was licking them was very exciting. She didn't do a full-body licking, probably because I didn't request it. No, she has a pure and innocent atmosphere that does not suit for such a thing.

Then, she started to give a blow job. At first, she licks the side of her mouth as if she were licking soft ice cream. The feeling was ticklish. When she approached the tip, she gently took it in her mouth and stroked up and down. The movement was slow, but the moderate squeezing was nice. She also licks the tip for a long time! She even gave a hand job mix style during the licking. She did not lick his balls.
All of the bareback cocks are done with no hands and close contact. In the cowgirl position, she pushed herself against him and grinded her hips back and forth. She has a cute face and her hip movement is surprisingly good. She also whispered "it feels so good" in her voice, which was very erotic.
She was completely passive in the normal position. She turned her face away from me, probably because she was embarrassed, but her clitoris rubbed against my face and I felt it all over again. Even without hand support, the slickness of her paipan was not so bad.

She is very shy from beginning to end. She is a submissive who accepts our blame. She is also very excited to see her hidden eroticism gradually emerge in proportion to how comfortable she becomes! However, she is not the type to seek for lovey-dovey love.
There are many areas where she does not respond well, perhaps due to her shyness. When I gave her a feather touch on her breast, her breathing became ragged and her body wiggled on its own. When I licked her nipples, she started moaning uncontrollably and said "that feels good" in a small voice. The back was not that responsive.
The lower half of her body also showed a reaction, mainly her pussy with a pie pan. When I licked around it, she started moaning. When I cunniled her, she looked for my hand, squeezed it tightly, and said, "That feels good. Her pussy was so tight even with just one finger that she felt as much as she did when I hand-manipulated her. She continued with the handjob and cunnilingus until she climaxed with her hips bucking and saying "No, no, no." After she climaxed, she was again embarrassed and had a hard-on!
Minori, who seemed so innocent and pure, actually likes to feel good, and she feels it all the time. She is also a very good blamer.

The last part of the session was a normal position bareback fuck where we could see Minori's cute feeling face. She said "it feels so good" when her clit was rubbed, but she was still embarrassed when she looked at her face. She was embarrassed when she looked at his face. I was so excited to see her kissing him so intensely….
After the play, she was a little embarrassed again, or maybe she was just a little shy. But after playing with her, she is a little shy again, but in a good way. We parted, feeling that we had grown closer and that we would like to see her again.

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Review of "Utano"

Age:21 T157-B90G-W56-H89

  • 60min¥35,000
  • 75min¥40,000
  • 100min¥52,000
  • 120min¥65,000
  • 180min¥95,000

Since the play time was not long (60 minutes), Touta-chan asked me, "Shall we take a bath?" I was urged by Utano-chan to take off my shirt. She also took off her pants and carefully folded my clothes. She is very neat.
When I opened Utano's bra, her beautiful G-cup breasts were revealed with a nice aroma. Her nipples are cute and standing up. Her slender body is well balanced with her beautiful boobs. Her pussy is a natural type with a small delta zone. Her pussy area is clean and beautiful.

We took a bath together. She washed her body carefully with both hands. Then we made out in the bathtub and kissed deeply while firting her boobs. I was in lovey-dovey mode, and Utano's erotic expression made my penis erect. After the bath, Utano gently toweled me off.
When we moved to the bed, Utano gently lay down smiling. I immediately covered her from above and kissed her deeply. She responded by sticking out her tongue. I had intended it to be just a little bit, but Utano started sucking on me, and our tongues entwined again and again. When I ruffled her boobs, buttocks, and thighs while devouring her lips, her sighs leaked out, and the kisses became more intense and erotic. I was pleasantly surprised by this aggressiveness and realistic eroticism.

She responded very well when I gently licked her neck, arms, and flanks. When I grabbed her breasts with both hands and carefully attacked her nipples, she began to moan and whimper in a cute, subdued voice. While licking her boobs, one hand covered her lower body. When I put my hand on her pussy, her love juice was already overflowing…. Gradually, she moved to the pussy area. As I carefully cunniled her from perineum to anus and labia…, a silky love juice flowed out from her vulva. It tastes tasteless, odorless, and of low viscosity. Utano mumbles "Ah….I like it" and "It feels good there…" without exaggerated moaning, which is amateurish and realistic. When I flicked the entrance of her vagina with my tongue, I heard her "plain" voice saying, "That's good…" After licking it thoroughly, I finally attacked her clitoris, the main part of her body. Her clitoris was a little small and cute. When I cunniled her with my tongue, she moaned and moaned. When I lightly inserted one finger into her clitoris, she said, "Oh…it feels so good! I lightly inserted one finger and she said, "Oh…that feels so good! I then attacked her from three or four points, playing with her nipples and anus, and soon she said, "Ah~n, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! She came…. This sensitivity is very enjoyable and worth the effort!

Once again, Utano kissed me from above, signaling the change of offense and defense. The sight of her cute little girlish face as she licks my nipples is exciting and I can't help but watch. One of her fingers brushed the nipple on the other side. Stick to the basics. Technically standard. He licked me carefully with plenty of alternating licking on both sides. Then, instead of going straight to the cock, she gradually moved down, giving me body licks on my stomach and flanks. Utano-chan took up a position between my legs and began to jiggle and lick my thighs a little. She licked my balls with the tip of her tongue. When I asked her to do so, she also licked the sides of my balls (the crease).
As for the blow job…she sucked the penis in her small mouth and slowly sucked it into her mouth! and slowly moved the penis in and out of his mouth. The strokes in her mouth with her tongue pressed against the underside of the penis were extremely pleasurable. The sight of the swollen penis entering her pretty little lips is visually very exciting. Utano did her best to suck my cock.

Here we check out her riding position bareback. I've never done it before…" Utano said. She lightly placed her vagina on the penis and slowly swung her hips back and forth in short strokes without using her hands. Her pussy, wet with her love juices, is soft and comfortable! She is quite good at it! She also has a good charm. She poses her chest so that I can get a good view of her G-cup boobs and encourages me to touch them. The sight of Utano's straddling me and rocking her boobs is truly a spectacular sight. She is slender and lightweight, and she positions herself well so as not to crush my penis, so the bare bottoming itself is very comfortable. This is talent. She has good taste. It was also nice that she ruffled my balls with her back hand while shaking her hips! It was enough to make me cum like this!
When it comes to G-cups, it's a good idea to give them a titty-slice. When I requested it, she gladly complied. She was very good at the pizzing, with her hips on Utano's thighs, knowing how to pinch them with her breasts, how to press them with her fingers, and the angle of her strokes… She was quite good at it!

She finished by shooting her load into my mouth! Utano sits between my legs again and gives me a blowjob for the last time. While sucking, she wrapped her balls in the palm of her hand and gently smothered them. The warmth of her hands and the close contact with my mouth during the blowjob made my ejaculation sensation increase rapidly…and then I shot my load into my mouth! Once he took it out onto a tissue, he sucked it again and sucked out the rest of the juice. What devotion! I got so much! She was so devoted that she cutely said, "I got a lot of cum!

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