Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!
Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!Hot Japanese Escort Guide: We provide all kinds of erotic information about Tokyo Erotic Entertainments!
Japanese Pornstar Ranking 2022

[TOP 40] Japanese Pornstar Ranking [2022 JAV]

Last Updated on 25/12/2023

Japanese AV actresses are among the most beautiful, cute, and sexy in the world, and we have carefully selected the TOP 40 most popular Japanese Pornstars on the famous Japanese AV sales site FANZA!

All you men out there who love Japanese porn, please take a look!

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TOP40 Japanese Pornstars

1 Sayaka Kawakita

Latest Work : [Limited Edition] Ayaka Kawakita's Rich Saliva Sex (Blu-ray Disc) with 3 Fresh Photos
Release Date : Jul. 27, 2022

2 Matsumoto Ichika

Latest Work : Restraint Climax - Echigo-Tsumari Pussy Comes Convulsively in a Situation Where You Cannot Move

Release Date : 2022/08/16

3 Mina Kitano

Release Date : [FANZA Limited] Big-Breasted Lascivious Woman's Lewd Language Controls Ejaculation…
Release Date : 2022/08/03

4 Hana Shirato

Latest Work : Fainting in agony cunnilingus MANIAX Hana Shiratomo
Release Date : 2022/08/02

5 Riai Yamate

Release Date : [FANZA Limited] ALL NUDE Riai Yamate - 3 Fresh Photos Included
Release Date : 2022/07/27

6 Misono Mizuhara

Latest Work : Her Sister is a Busty J-Cup While She is Back Home, She Fucks Her God Tits Big Sister All Night Long Miz…
Release Date : 2022/08/05


Latest Work : Beautiful Sister Gets Fucked Until Her Penis Becomes Stupid - YUZURIHA Karen
Release Date : 2022/07/19

8 Natsu Tojo

Release Date : [FANZA Limited] Shirouto Observation Monitoring - Royal Beautiful Young Lady Natsu Tojo…
Release Date : 2022/08/03

9 Himari Kinoshita (Himari Hanazawa)

Latest Work : Gachi-Iruki Negro Liberation World FUCK!
Release Date : 2022/08/02

10 Ishikawa Mio

Latest Work : [Limited Edition] Gentle Teasing of a Virgin's Penis Causes a Panic of …
Release Date : 2022/08/03

11 Sumire Kuramoto

Latest Work : "I'm already cumming! She's already cumming and cumming again and again! Sumire Kuramoto
Release Date : 2022/08/02

12 Yuu Shinoda

Release Date : [FANZA Limited] Yuu Shinoda - 6 x 4 Hours Special Set
Release Date : 2022/08/03

13 Yua Mikami

Release Date : [Limited Edition] Cohabitation LOVE STORY Yuua Mikami (Blu-ray Disc) …
Release Date : 2022/07/13

14 Shoko Takahashi

New Releases : [Best Hits] This is the Rumored Big Tits Agent with Aphrodisiac - Shoko Takahashi [Outlet] (Blu-ray Disc)
Release Date : 2022/07/06

15 Mei Satsuki

Latest Work : [FANZA Limited] Intense Sex - Beautiful White Big-Breasted Girl "Mei Satsuki" Really Seeks and Loves Each Other…
Release Date : 2022/08/03

16 Riho Fujimori

Latest Work : Riho Fujimori 8 Hours BEST (MBYD-362)
Release Date : 2022/07/19

17 Lara Kudo

Latest Work : Lara Kudo - Dark Sex
Release Date : 2022/08/02

18 Hana Himesaki

New Release : Venus Terme/Hana Himesaki Limited Edition (Blu-ray Disc)
Release Date : 2022/07/29

19 Luna Tsukino

Latest Work : [FANZA Limited] The Silent and Unassuming Neighbor Who Doesn't Even Say Hello to Me Selfishly Seeks My Penis…
Release Date : 2022/08/03

20 Yuria Yoshine

Release Date : [Limited Edition] Bare-chested Housewife - Yuria Yoshine (27) Lives in Suginami Ward - Panties and Fresh Photo Included
Release Date : 2022/08/05

21 Koyo Konan

Latest Work : [Limited Edition] My sister who has been in love with me for a long time is jealous of my dating the younger of the sisters she has known since childhood…
Release Date : 2022/07/27

22 Jinguji Nao

Latest Work : [Limited Quantity] What's that? I'm cumming even though I'm outside!
Release Date : 2022/08/03


Latest Work : Big-Breasted Wife Who Got a New Job at a Cool IT Company is Going on a Company Trip… JULIA
Release Date : 2022/08/02

24 Yui Hatano

Release Date : I'm a Pleasure Crazed Lewd Onanist 11 Yui Hatano (DOD)
Release Date : 2022/07/07

25 Mai Hanagari

Latest Work : [FANZA Limited] "If You Keep Licking My Anal for a Week, I'll Go Out With You" Classmate…
Release Date : 2022/08/03

26 Satsuki Ena

Latest Work : [40%OFF] Ro●Senka - The Cutest Beautiful Young Lady Overnight Nakadashi SEX Ena Satsuki
Release Date : 2022/08/05

27 Rino Yuki

Latest Work : [FANZA Limited] Sex-Dependent Carnivorous Beautiful Big-Breasted College Girl Explodes With Sexual Desire Through Papa…
Release Date : 2022/07/13

28 Sakurazora Momo

Latest Work : [Limited Edition] Tits Plump Tutor - Smile and Boobs Boobies Raise Sexual …
Release Date : July 13th, 2022

29 Alice Otome

Release Date : [Limited Edition] Blonde Hair Shortcut Gal J-kei Locked Up and Cursed …
Release Date : 2022/08/03

30 Kana Morisawa (Kanako Iioka)

Latest Work : Kana Morisawa BEST Ultimate Special 10th Anniversary Track
Release Date : 2022/08/01

31 Airi Kijima

Release Date : [FANZA Limited] I Didn't Know That My Wife Was Nakadashi'd Every Day for Six Months by a Pol…
Release Date : 2022/08/03

32 Yokomiya Nanami

Release Date : [FANZA Only] My Wife Wasn't Aware That She Was Being Nakadashi'd Every Day for Six Months by a Pol…
Release Date : 2022/08/02

33 Karen Kaede

Latest Work : -Retirement- Karen Kaede FINAL IDEAPOCKET 8hours BEST "You are …
Release Date : 2022/07/12

34 Mao Hamasaki

Latest Work : 【40% OFF】Elderly Novelist's Wife - Mao Hamasaki
Release Date : 2022/08/05

35 Amatsuka Moe

Latest Work : 【40% OFF】Hypnotic Brainwashing - Esthetician who Mocked Me and …
Release Date : 2022/07/07

36 Nanami Ogura

Latest Work: [Limited Edition] I intentionally missed the last train to get a favor from the kind manager of my part-time job… I was drowned in sexual desire until the morning…
Release Date : 2022/07/13

37 Mitsuki Nagisa

Latest Work: Hypnotic house visit - In the case of Miina Nanase, seeding is confirmed! A creepy old man who controls hypnotism takes her virginity…
Release Date : 2022/07/19

38 Sumire Mizukawa

Latest Work : [FANZA Exclusive] On a Business Trip, a Female Boss Gives Me a Pepto Drug and I Get Fucked Every Day…
Release Date : July, 27th, 2022

39 Ai Hongo (Yume Nikaido)

Release Date : [Limited Quantity] Deep Coming Awakening Nozorori Orgasm - Uterus Rubbing and Relaxing, Chase Porcio S…
Release Date : Jul. 21, 2022

40 Akari Niimura

Latest Work : [FANZA Limited] Bodycon Blonde Gal Wife Next Door Who Seduces Me - Akari Niimura - Checki and …
Release Date : July, 27th, 2022


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